Join the battle for the
Waterpoort  Cup!

Date: Saturday 12th October 2024
Location: Sneker Sporthal | Van Giffenstraat 3 | 8601 EX Sneek | The Netherlands

Kyokushin  Tournament

The Waterpoort Cup is an Open International Kyokushin Tournament for kids, cadets, juniors and seniors and is held in the city of Sneek, The Netherlands. The objective of the tournament is to increase the international (sport)relations between the participating dojo’s and karateka’s and the development of fair-play. In the previous edition more than 250 participants from several different European countries entered the tournament. Dojo’s from Lithuania, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Poland and The Netherlands were present.

Besides developing better international relations, another objective of the Waterpoort Cup is offering the competing young karateka’s as much international experience as possible. That is why the Waterpoort Cup uses the poule competition system instead of the elimination system. By this means the karateka’s have at least 2 or three matches, instead of 1 match incase of a lost match.
Third and final objective is that 50% of all participants return home with a trophy.

Entrance fee

Participants: € 25
Spectators (up to 12 years old is free): €15
Coaches, referees & country representatives: FREE

A complimentary lunch will be provided for all participants, coaches, referees and country representatives.

Sayonara Party fee

Participants, coaches, spectators & country representatives: €15
Referees: FREE

Buy Tickets

There are two ways you can buy tickets. If you are a participant, coach, referee, or country representative, you can use the registration app to register your dojo. If you are a spectator, you can ask your dojo to include you in the registration app, or you can buy spectator tickets yourself via Eventix. You can also purchase Sayonara Party tickets through both channels.

Junior  Tournament

The junior tournament is divided into a kids, cadets and juniors division.

Kids: I: 8-9 years
II: 10-11 years
Cadets: III: 12-13 years
IV: 14-15 years
Juniors: V: 16-17 years

The categories mentioned above will be divided into weight classes depending on the number of children, cadets and junior participants. The minimum number of participants per poule is 4 participants. Kyu grade, length, weight and experience are used to make the proper poules. Make sure you fill out the application form correctly.

Protection: (compulsory) helmet, hand protection, shin protection, body protection, crotch guard, mouthpiece (optional). Only in category V participants fight without body protection!

Tournament: The time of the normal bouts will be 2 minutes without extensions. The winner receives 3 points, in case of hiki-wake both fighters receive 1 point, the loser gets 0 (zero) points. The time of the finals will be 2 minutes with a maximum of 2 extensions of 1 minute each.

Weighing: The weighing will take place at the 21st October 2023 in the “Sneker Sporthal” in Sneek from 08.00 am till 09.00 am for those who arrive on the 21st. With prior arrival, weighing is possible in your hotel on friday evening. Let us know if you would like this option and in which hotel you are staying.

Arrival: The participants have to be present before 08.00 am.

Beginning of tournament: 09.30 am

Tournament rules: semi-contact: the participants must show a good spirit and good techniques during the bout. For specific rules see the Waterpoort Cup Tournament Regulations.

Senior  Tournament

Weight classes:
Senior men: 3 classes (-70 kg, -80 kg, +80 kg category)
Senior women: 2 classes (-65 kg, +65 kg category)

Age: The participants have to be 18 years of age or older

Crotchguard, mouthpiece, (shinguards in women’s division).

The duration of possible elimination rounds and normal rounds will be 2 minutes with a maximum of 2 times an extension of 2 minutes in which a decision has to be made. The duration of the final bout will be 3 minutes with a maximum of 2 times an extension of 2 minutes. If there is still no decision, there will be a decision made by the difference in weight. If the weight difference is less than 5 kilograms (LW and MW) or 10 kilograms (HW) we will look at the amount of boards broken. If there is still no decision, there will be a last extension of 2 minutes. The Tournament organizing committee reserves the right to make a poule system per weight category if insufficient numbers enter into the different weight categories.

The weighing will take place at 12th October 2024 in the “Sneker Sporthal” in Sneek from 11.30 am till 12.30 pm. With prior arrival, weighing is possible in your hotel on friday evening. Let us know if you would like this option and in which hotel you are staying.

Arrival: The participants have to be present before 11.30 am Saturday October 12th.

Beginning of tournament: 16.00 pm

Tournament rules: The bouts are played according to the Waterpoort Cup Tournament Regulations.

General information

The participants need to be in the possession of an official karate license and a karate
passport. Participants who arrive too late will be excluded from the tournament. Spectators
may enter the sports hall at 09.00 am.

Disclaimer form
All participants must submit a fully filled and signed disclaimer form. Without a valid
disclaimer form, the registration will not be complete!
Download a blank disclaimer form here. 

Referees And Judges
In order to have a smoothly run tournament with high-quality judging each team entering into
the tournament must bring 1 referee per 10 participants.

Play Video

A first  impression

Get a taste of the Waterpoort Cup through the exciting video of our Lithuanian friends. Experience the Kyokushin skill, camaraderie, and intense matches from previous editions. It’s the perfect first impression of this tournament. Join us for an unforgettable experience.


Sayonara  Party

There will be a Sayonara Party for all participants (also kids, cadets and juniors), coaches, country representatives, officials, referees and spectators on the evening of October 21st held in the dojo of Sportclub F en F The Inner Way. The Sayonara Party will include a hot meal. The entry fee for the Sayonara Party is € 15,00 per person. Referees may enter for free.

Official Tournament Accommodation

We are also proud to announce the cooperation with Herberg Oer ‘t Hout, the official Tournament Accommodation! Herberg Oer ‘t Hout is a youth hostel with close to 180 available beds, and at only 20 minutes driving distance from the Sneker Sporthal it’s the perfect place to get a good night’s sleep before the tournament. Beware: half of the beds are already booked!

Free parking
There is free parking on the Veemarktplein parking lot at only one minute walking distance to the Sneker Sporthal.


Day Program

08:15 Coaches and Referees briefing
09:00 Official Opening Tournament

Demonstration allowed and forbidden techniques

09:30 Start Kids division

11:00 Start Cadets division

13:30 Start Juniors division

15:00 Awarding Kids, Cadets and Juniors division

16:00 Start Seniors division

Demonstration allowed and forbidden techniques
Tameshiwari men competitors

18:30 Awarding Seniors division

20:00 Sayonara Party


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